EzyGold Services

Private Label License Key (License to Branding)

Private label allows you to remove "Powered by" link on every EzyGold script powered site pages (public and user area pages). By rebranding the page, you can turn your pages anonymously - without worrying about knowing you using EzyGold software. Your brand will make yourself the only the point of your site.

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Professional Installation

Don't know how to install or update or move a script on your server? Save yourself countless hours of headaches and let our trained professional staff install or upgrade EzyGold software for you. Most installs are completed within 2-24 hours.

Professional Installation includes the following;

  • Uploading and Permissions setting of files
  • Database setup and Installation or upgrade procedure (one time installation or upgrade)
  • Basic setting to activate CAPTCHA, SE-Friendly and other Installed Plug-In (if any)

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Professional Installation and Configuration (Installation PLUS)

Get your system up and running quickly and smoothly by our Support Team. This optional service is for those who simply do not want to tinker with the technical aspects of getting their business model configured into the software.

We step-up and config the following;

  • Includes professional software installation or installation checkup or update or move service (one-time, optional)
  • Genealogy settings (review of member's compensation plan for compatibility with EzyGold. If compatible we'll set-up and configure the genealogy; X-Up, Unilevel, or Force Matrix in the payplan settings).
  • Setup the commission payment structure (Pro version: up to 2 memberships or payplans). Additional service fee may be needed to setup more than 2 memberships or payplans.
  • Custom codes, software and theme customization, data entry or migration, integration services are NOT included (please check the additional or custom programming services below).
  • Setup Paypal, Coinpayments, or PerfectMoney payment gateways (optional)
  • Update contents for built-in homepage and details page (optional, content provided by customer)
  • Update regular email templates (optional, e.g. welcome email, new referral email, etc, content provided by customer)
  • General system preferences
  • Wordpress sign-up and sign-in integration* (optional, Wordpress installed as frontend --homepage-- and the EzyGold software is installed as backend in the sub-folder).

*) Required EzyGold Pro with EzyGold PowerPlan hosting service.

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Custom Programming

Not only do we create ready made solutions for our customers, with our team of well trained programmers and internet professionals, we also provide customized solutions for customers. When you have a web/internet need or problem to be solved, let us solve them.

Other services involve...


  • Regular support service starting from USD $115 per month and Priority support service starting from USD $325 weekly or $1150 per month. Managed and Dedicated support services also available. All support service options do not include programming and/or integration services.
  • EzyGold, EzyAlert, and ezyCart customization (starting from USD $79 per hour).
  • Theme customization (starting from USD $350).
  • Theme integration for Public and User CP pages (starting from USD $250).
  • New Payment Gateway integration (starting from USD $400).
  • Third party Shopping Cart integration (starting from $550, required ezyCart plug-in).
  • Aweber or mailchimp integration (starting from USD $78).
  • Mobile Android App for member (EzyGold User CP dashboard), custom pages, Wordpress content, Youtube chanel, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr), Admob, Push Notifications and based on material design (starting from USD $2980).


  • Custom programming services (starting from USD $95 per hour).
  • E-commerce solutions.
  • Database programming.
  • Web solutions, manage, monitoring, and maintenance services.
  • Database solutions.
  • ...

Template customization and integration services include with up to 14 days of support, payment gateway integration and general customization services (value under $8,000 USD) include with up to 1 month of support, major custom programming service (value $8,000 USD and more) include with 2 months support or more (depend with the contract). Support will be started after we state the project has been completed, or by follow the programming schedule. Support periods applied for all services, unless stated otherwise before services starts.

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EzyGold team has the skill and experience to provide quality custom development for any sized project. Whether you require a small custom script, or a development company to oversee and manage your entire online operation, we can professionally handle your project, and help ensure the success of your business.

Contact us for a quick accessment on your project and we will give a sincere and direct quote for your job.

* All fees or prices do not include value added tax (VAT) which may be applicable if you are resident in an European Union country.
** We start the customization or project after receive full payment (one time or installment with total cost less than $5,000 USD). Please contact us for details.
*** Banking, currency conversion, or payment processor fees may apply. Each situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.