EzyGold Package Special Deal

Special 20% Discount

Get a 20% Special Discount for the EzyGold Pro and the ezyCart plug-in licenses.

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EzyGold Pro Install Pack:

  • EzyGold Pro - $599 value - detail HOT!
  • ezyCart Plug-in - $176 value - detail
  • Installation and Configuration Services - $258 value - detail

Bonus Pack (included in the Installation and Configuration Services for Free, optional by request):

  • P2P Donation or Direct Member Payments (P2P Module) HOT!
  • Custom third-party HTML template feature for website front page
  • Wordpress integration plug-in (front-end integration and sign-in/up pages redirection)

Total Cost is $1,033, Discount 20%

Package Cost is $826.4 (one-time payment)

We accept Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, and Perfect Money



  • This offer available for a new or an additional EzyGold Owned License purchase and can not be combined with other promotion.
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