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::. Update for EzyGold v3.1.0

New version of EzyGold software is available now!

EzyGold v3.1.0 and ezyCart eStore Plug-In v3.1.0

Some changes and updates are:

  • Fix update plan process for the example templates
  • Fix custom redirection url if no referrer
  • Fix database upgrade issue
  • Fix auto load field names for the search and replace in the custom query page
  • Update upload image in the member rank feature
  • Display rank logo or badge in the User CP
  • Update for the manage video page
  • Update for manual shorting method
  • Count video view if displayed from User CP
  • Add blockchain for bitcoin payment
  • Add binary auto position when import members from Admin CP
  • Add subscriber filter in the manage subscriber page
  • Add download file counter for purchased item if the file type is for member only
  • and more...

Any customers running a version of EzyGold v2.5 and earlier are advised to update to take advantage of the improved stability of the new version.


9 Jun 2016