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::. Special discount for Bitcoin users

As you may be aware, currently the bitcoin value is higher than before and it causes the value of the dollar seem lower, so if you are currently have bitcoin in your wallet, you can use it to buy EzyGold software cheaply, even more, we offer special discount for it.

Special for Bitcoin Users

Please find the special offer below:

  • EzyGold Pro + ezyCart plug-in + Installation and Configuration Services $1006 Discount 35%  ORDER NOW
  • EzyGold Pro + ezyCart plug-in $748 Discount 30%  ORDER NOW
  • EzyGold Pro $599 Discount 25%  ORDER NOW
  • Special Edition: Bitcoin P2P Donation or Direct Payments Module (require EzyGold Pro$1510 Discount 50%  ORDER NOW


p.s. the offer available only for a new or an additional EzyGold Owned License purchase (one-time payment).
p.p.s. grab this offer when it still available, from time to time we may update and remove this offer without prior notice.


18 May 2017