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::. New EzyGold v2.5.0

EzyGold v2.5.0 and ezyCart v2.5.0 are available now and ready to download from the member area. This version come with some new and improved features.

Some changes have been made:

  • New page redirection when registration and login page option enable
  • Add menu link to the custom pages in the User CP
  • Update message and feedback interface
  • Add testimonial form in the User CP
  • Default landing page for member in the User CP (according to the payplan settings)
  • Add multiple landing page url with multiple options
  • New site replication option using member custom page
  • Add Twilio, Nexmo, and custom sms gateway
  • New transaction overview
  • Add GlobalGateway Firstdata payment option
  • ezyCart: New feature to allow member sell their downloadable items
  • and few other updates...


- EzyGold themes also updated to support this version.
- Need custom package or licenses? contact us to get special pricing.


2 Jun 2014