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::. EzyGold v4.1.0 Release

The new version of EzyGold software v4.1.0 is available now. This version come with some new features and options, including updates for ezyCart plug-in and the template files and themes.

Here are some changes and updates on the software:

  • Update on template files
  • Update squeeze page template
  • Update featured header for referrer details
  • Update base referral url on the campaign page
  • Add more languages through addon
  • Add an example for external capture page
  • Add Aweber and Mailchimp integrations
  • Add option for social media icons
  • Add GoUrl and VoguePay as a payment options
  • Add additional option for the manual sponsor feature
  • Add email notification options for message between member and feedback features
  • Add Infobip SMS gateway
  • Add legacy "besaget" theme
  • Add new "birune" theme
  • Use theme tag on the template files
  • Display total referral on left and right when binary option enable
  • Change monetary data type on ezyCart plug-in
  • Support more currency symbols
  • Support item options on ezyCart plug-in
  • Fix issue for subscriber field error when adding subscriber manually
  • Fix issue on the binary interval option
  • Some maintenance updates and optimization on other features

Click here and place an order to get your license. If you want to start your online business with a minimum budget, you can choose Lease license, otherwise please consider the Owned license. This new version is available to download from the member area.

The Peer to Peer (P2P) module also updated to support this new version. For a limited time, this module is also provided for free for users who also order Professional Configuration or Installation PLUS! service.


28 Mar 2018