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::. EzyGold v3.0 is Available Now

New version 3.0 of EzyGold software and ezyCart plug-in are available now, and ready to download from member area. This is a major version and come with many new features as well as existing features improvement.

Some changes have been made:

  • add category in the news and faq pages
  • add status and payplan filter for the member database export
  • add quick launch/menu (favorites) in the Admin CP 
  • add ability to move member position and insert new member between two member structure
  • add options for the direct payment from member to member feature if sponsor missmatch between transaction history and sponsor from the payplan 
  • add payment option under administrator/sponsor in the direct payment list 
  • add option to use mysqli database connection
  • add options to display or enable broadcast, autoresponder, custom page, landing page, and campaign id features in the payplan
  • add ability to append html template file to the custom page
  • add re-entry option to the company matrix
  • add option to disable ewallet withdraw when ewallet feature enable
  • add upload file option for the custom field
  • add ability to limit same custom fields value in the registration form
  • add custom field in the recipient details (when direct payment from member to member enable)
  • add bulk unsubscribe for leads
  • add auto detect ssl in the General Settings
  • add auto online (with counter) when website on offline mode
  • add upload proof of payment image feature in the payment confirmation form
  • add copy email message to administrator if email send by member to their referrals or subscribers 
  • add member ranks and commisison based on rank
  • add referrer (domain or url) blocking
  • add pagination for item list in the order page (ezyCart)
  • add upload images for items (ezyCart)
  • add new templates
  • update language tags format in the template files
  • update page title for custom page
  • update referrals page in the Admin CP
  • update transaction page in the Admin CP
  • update member genealogy page in the Admin CP
  • add pagination for item list in the order page (ezyCart)
  • add upload images for items (ezyCart)
  • update order page and display item (ezyCart)
  • update ietm details page (ezyCart)
  • update recaptcha
  • upgrade phpmailer
  • upgrade ip to country database
  • and more features improvement and optimization..


EzyGold Themes



  1. This version require at least PHP 5.4
  2. EzyGold templates from previous version are not included in the new version, if you want to keep using old template, please contact us to get update.
  3. Special for current EzyGold customers, get awesome offer for new version or updates.
  4. Need custom features? We also offer customization service. Contact us for more info.


16 Apr 2016