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::. EzyGold Update v4.2.3

New version 4.2.3 is available now. This version is a maintenance update for the previous 4.2.x version with some changes and fixes.

  • Hotfix for the spillover issue in the v4.2.2 [pre-update]
  • Add IP address column in the users export file
  • Add option to ignore sponsor username when importing new members
  • Update navigation page in the User CP
  • Maintenance update for the affiliate terms content (ezyCart plug-in)

here are some changes in the previous v4.2.2:

  • Add QR Code for the member referral URL
  • Add device info for login session (for the future usage in the mobile app)
  • Add MEMBER_USERNAME tag in the Tell a Friend feature
  • Add member opt-out using unsubscribe and update links in the newsletter
  • Add option to disable payplan downgrade
  • Add new account placement option in the re-entry feature
  • Add email notification from the AuthorizeNet ARB payment option
  • Add some new fields in the tables (for the future usage)
  • New table tag in the custom query process
  • Update general theme files
  • Maintenance update for the free referral link when cycle option enable
  • Maintenance update for the AuthorizeNet ARB option
  • Maintenance update for the Inactive Sponsor Warning when referral upgrade
  • Maintenance update for the ewallet usage when investment plan disable
  • Maintenance update for the spillover process when system detects over level deeps
  • Maintenance update for the referring process in the registration form
  • Known bugs issue fixed

and here are some changes in the v4.2.1:

  • Hotfix for the GeoIP autoload that do not work properly on some server
  • Make a default option to follow a new account in the re-entry process
  • Maintenance update for the template files and interface


Make sure your Download Date remain active to download the latest EzyGold version. If you can't download this latest version, click the EXTEND button in the member area to renew your Download Date.

Thank you for your continued business,


5 Oct 2018