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::. EzyGold Maintenance Update v5.1.0

The maintenance update for EzyGold version 5.1.0 is available now.

Some changes are:

  • Database update for IP Address to Country
  • Add option to change the CP font type from the Admin CP
  • Add history when make an adjustment to the member ewallet fund
  • Add total new sales for member in the User CP (ezyCart plug-in)
  • Fix insert username in the downline builder
  • Fix error messages when remove unavailable item images (ezyCart plug-in)
  • Maintenance update for manage custom frontpage
  • Maintenance update for the manage video list feature
  • Maintenance update for notification when new item submited in the User CP
  • Maintenance update for the API constant variable
  • Maintenance update to keep mobile app using default theme
  • and few more.

This new version has been available to download in the member area. Make sure your Download Date remain active to download the latest EzyGold version. Please contact us for more details.

Thank you for your continued business,


9 Sep 2019