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::. EzyGold Maintenance Update v4.3.1

The maintenance update for EzyGold version 4.3.1 is available now. We also add some new options and features in this version. Some changes are:

  • Add options to select all/none for the Payplan list in the Manage Custom Page features
  • Add option to only display Profile Picture in the Genealogy Board view
  • Add custom front page feature (available in the Installation PLUS service and will require basic HTML knowledge)
  • New option to skip first level commission for sponsors (available only when subscription option enable)
  • New option to allow one-time only for the personal referral commission (available only when subscription option enable)
  • New point system for member activities
  • New option to pay the difference registration fee when registering a new Payplan
  • New option to process reentry together with the Payplan registration when member cycle
  • New additional one-time fee option for member registration
  • Maintenance update for bulk member registration from the Admin CP
  • Maintenance update for the recycling and reentry features
  • Maintenance update for ewallet withdrawal and transfer when using max amount
  • Maintenance update for manual account renewal process
  • and few more.

This new version has been available to download in the member area. Make sure your Download Date remain active to download the latest EzyGold version. If you can't download it, click the EXTEND button in the member area to renew your Download Date.

Don't forget to check email that we send to your email address for this new version and a huge discount offer!

Thank you for your continued business,


12 Mar 2019