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::. Claim Your Free EzyGold Pro License

Did you know that if you order the Inspire and/or Innovate leased plan you will also get one additional EzyGold Pro license for free?
If not, claim it now.

If you previously didn't aware, when you order the Inspire or Innovate leased plan, you get one main license (contains: EzyGold Pro and ezyCart plug-in, and also Branding removal for Innovate plan) and starting on the next month (2nd months onwards) you will also get one additional license for free (contains: EzyGold Pro and ezyCart plug-in).

We call this free license as a sub-license and you can use it on a separated or a different domain name for testing purpose, test your marketing plan, or even use it for a live site for a different program.

So, what you waiting for? Check your additional license here, or if you still not subscribed at Innovate leased plan, order now before this free additional license offer ended.


16 Aug 2018