EzyGold is the perfect software to build membership and network marketing site


EzyGold is an affordable software solution written in PHP and powered by MySQL for membership based business, network marketing, referral program and others. Offering the quality and reliability at a fraction of the cost of similar software, EzyGold is the right solution for small-medium-enterprise business. This feature rich software provides a great deal of automation and flexibility, allowing for almost hands-free management of your online business.

EzyGold will provide you a cost effective solution to suit your needs and help you build your network marketing and membership business. Take a cup of coffee and go through the features. By then you will soon be saying to yourself that EzyGold is the right solution for you and your businesses.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the staff at ezygold. Before purchasing the ezygold product I tried a couple of other similar companies only to lose my money. Those other companies were quick to answer my presales questions but then abandoned me after the purchase with a product that didn't work. The staff at ezygold took the time and patience to answer all of my presales questions as well as helped me with all other issues that have come along regardless of how long it's been since I purchased their product.

Julio C Roque [Software Resale Biz]

General Features

Start your very own membership site and network marketing businesses, EzyGold software support marketing plan such as Unilevel, Matrix, Powerline, X-UP System, Member Get Member, Referral Program, Downline Builder, Binary System, Randomizer, etc. Build your online business on the fly!

  • Complete membership and referral management system
  • Runs on PHP with MySql database, so it's extremely fast!
  • Fully loaded with advanced features and EzyGold exclusive features
  • Support Unilevel, Powerline, Matrix, Australian X-Up, Reverse X-Up, Binary, and more.
  • Set commission for direct referral besides level referral commissions
  • Member genealogy compression and restructure (matrix compression)
  • Use your own domain name, no 3rd party ads, no popups
  • Option to setup all members commissions and rewards paid automatically and instantly by system or withdraw manually by members
  • Support any width and depth Forced Matrix system
  • Support Multi Languages (you can add your own custom languages)
  • Option to enable or disable visit the site without referrer or sponsor
  • Setup defaults sponsor or referrer
  • Installation system included
  • Automatic self-replicated websites for your affiliates or members ?
  • Instant or manual account activation
  • Multiple levels Cash Gifting with cash payment options (Pro! version) with P2P module
  • Automatic welcome email sent to the new members
  • Easily run a straight any level deep MLM program
  • Easily run referral program with Australian X-Up System (with two unlimited pass-up option)
  • Support for any reverse X-Up system (Pro! version)
  • Lost password feature sends members their details on demand ?
  • Mass email members with personalized greetings & links
  • Keep Free members away from paid downloads in members area
  • Automatic registration approval and expirations ?
  • Support all member's payment (commission, rewards, bonus, etc) instantly paid through Paypal, PerfectMoney, and Paxum payment processors, and manually through I-Payout, Bitcoin, and Manual (ie. bank transfer, check, etc), manual payment using Paypal, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, VoguePay, and Paxum also supported.
  • Real time payment verification from Paypal, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, VoguePay, Paxum, CoinPayments, and AuthorizeNet payment processors (using built-in sophisticated payment verification code, optional) Note: not all payment options are available when using P2P module.
  • Support custom and manual or offline payment options
  • Template driven for easy integration with any design ?
  • Powerful commission tracking (from, to, amount, date time, status, etc)
  • Autoresponder or follow up system for Members and Subscriber
  • Custom referral URL redirection page (Pro! version only)
  • Manage additional maintenance or administration fee
  • Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser
  • There is no limit to members quota, support for unlimited members
  • Support for external add-ons or modules
  • Additional Add-Ons (sponsor list, random members and sites, detect SSL, cloud members site tag, friendly site tags, latest news, and more)
  • Add Downline Builder program with dynamic member program username
  • Messenger system, allow member to send messages to another member
  • State of the art recruiting system (using advanced tracking id)
  • Advance filter system on transaction histories (date range, from/to, status)
  • Built-in banner advertising tools
  • Paid all commissions and/or rewards in fixed or percentage value
  • State of the art, user management page for every member
  • Ability to sending email using SMTP, Sendmail, or PHP mail (HTML, Plain Text and Multipart email format also supported)
  • Real-time and Customizable email notification system ?
  • Support for SSL Connection
  • Access member area through WAP (Pro! version)
  • Central messaging system (you can control any feedback from your member and/or make it as member's testimonial)
  • Reloadable built-in turing code or CAPTCHA for security to prevent fraud or system abuse
  • Pre made pages and content management system for news, faq, details, contact form, and more.
  • Marketing or promotional tools (text link, text ads, pre-formated email, classified ads)
  • PopOver and Squeeze Page
  • Support extended matrix
  • Multiple Landing Page
  • Subscription form for Leads capture
  • Support multi languages in the email messages
  • Trial account or membership trial payment using Paypal
  • Multiple membership or payplan
  • Sub-domain referral URL, example http://USERNAME.yourdomain.com (Pro! version)
  • Support for new version of reCAPTCHA
  • Giftpass or ePin features (Pro! version)
  • SMS feature, send bulk SMS to members or subscribers, notify members when new commission or new referral added (Pro! version)
  • API for register, update, and process the members (activate, pending, blocking)
  • API for sales (add and display) from third party system (available for the ezyCart plug-in)
  • Referrals contest or race for rewards (Pro! version)
  • Folder protection feature using .htaccess file and using EzyGold login form
  • E-Wallet feature (members can transfer funds to each other using their own commissions, use it to renew, or withdraw the fund) (Pro! version)
  • Members be able to use their commission to purchase products in the eStore (if the ezyCart plug-in installed)
  • Ability to pay subscription membership fee from members available commissions
  • Member to member direct payment option. Advanced and new features for the member to member direct payment option also available in the Peer to Peer payment module. ?
  • Ability to create download group for members and set up multiple download group for members
  • Easy registration, only basic information is needed. Members can fill out details later at their own convenience
  • Sell anything you like, including advertisements, ebooks, digital products, service, etc
  • Support auto-spillovers (using prevalent spread method or first in first fill in)
  • Support for unlimited matrix recycling and re-entry
  • Support for one-time offer (OTO) page
  • Remove expired members automatically on certain days
  • and more...

Click here for more features details and changes log.

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Users/Clients/Members Features

This area is whereby members able to access their Real-time membership / account reports, edit personal information, download products, use marketing materials, etc.

  • Personalized Self-Replicating Websites with advanced URL ID tracking (support page redirection) ?
  • Secure Member Login and Logout process
  • Review account details and latest update statistics
  • Ability to select preferred language
  • Manual new member placement
  • Ability to add URL ID to common user powered content list site
  • Latest private News ?
  • Referral structure based on genealogy tree system
  • Show member or referral details, including total sub-referral
  • Update account, including change password
  • Ability to set cashback payment as benefactor to referral
  • Renew account (if expired, set by administrator) directly from member area
  • Option to add member site URL and details (if any) in member profile
  • Upload custom image as identifier member account (photo, screenshot, avatar, etc) ?
  • Ability to review any commission or reward members may have, such as payment type, date, amount, status, etc ?
  • Download products in secure members area
  • Ability to send a message to others members, upline or downline
  • Members campaign tracking
  • Setup downline builder (Pro! version)
  • Copy paste pre-made marketing or promotional tools (text link, text ads, pre-formated email, classified ads)
  • Copy paste banner code to promote member URL ID
  • Create and broadcast the emails and autoresponder to all of the members and referrals (available on Pro! version)
  • Send feedback, testimonial or question directly to the administrator using user-friendly feedback system ?
  • Manage subscribers or leads
  • Configure autoresponder message and broadcast email
  • Manage custom page
  • Configure and manage downline builder program
  • Manage banner or text ads (if the ezyCart plug-in installed)
  • Manage and monitor referral URL campaign
  • and more...

Click here for more features details and changes log.

Administrator Features

You can control every aspect of your business through EzyGold all inclusive user-friendly admin control panel that only you will have access to. Manage members, website and emails templates, new signup, upline notification, sponsor notification, admin notification of new member, upload advertising banners, edit site meta tags, send mass emails to all your members and more.

  • Graphical member statistics
  • Details current statistics (total member, visitor, latest 10 members, etc) and leader boards
  • Show members details (review, network structure in table and genealogy report, transaction histories, etc)
  • Approve inactive (free or expired) members
  • Add unlimited members custom fields (available on registration page or not, with custom regular expression)
  • Manage members (add, edit, pending, delete, details, search, etc)
  • Manage site subscribers (add, edit, delete, details, etc)
  • Details transaction history, including commission and rewards details
  • Create and manage custom page (support custom pages based on member's status)
  • Create and manage one-time offer or OTO page (available for Pro! version)
  • Sending and manage newsletter (for members, certain members status, subscriber or all of them)
  • Create and manage autoresponder or follow-up messages
  • Directly create and manage News using WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Manage any feedback that sends by members
  • Send message directly to member area (using WYSIWYG HTML editor)
  • Send email or messages in batch (ie. 50 emails per hours, helpful for slow server user)
  • Control all member's communication through messenger system
  • Manage downloadable file (you can upload set one by one or let our system done it for you)
  • Banner manager (you can set one by one or let our system done it for you)
  • Directly create and manage FAQs using WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Edit email templates (support for Multipart Text and HTML format) ?
  • Database Tools for backup, restore and optimize your database
  • Set your site name, keywords, and descriptions
  • Ability to select default language
  • Set site type (based on plugins that installed on your system)
  • Customize your website footer
  • Set manual or auto member approval
  • Set automated e-mail notification whenever someone becomes a member
  • Setup the default referrer or sponsor if there is no available sponsor
  • Enable or disable turing image verification (CAPTCHA)
  • Set integration with EzyAlert (EzyGold Notifier)
  • Set time offset to suit with your local date and time
  • Enable or disable search engine friendly feature
  • Manage marketing or promotional tools (text link, text ads, pre-formated email, classified ads)
  • Enable or disable sub-header feature (you can set this as important content, default is referrer greetings)
  • Set reserved username, blocking IP address and invalid email
  • Enable members to see their leads or subscribers
  • Option to disable (or enable) website and add disable note or descriptions
  • Change administrator password and authentication code (password 2)
  • Set how long member account becomes expired (you can set it to disable)
  • Ability to setup genealogy status and maximum width and/or deep to reduce the server load
  • Ability to execute custom database query and batch record replacement
  • Setup expired alert, membership fee, level width and deep
  • Investment Plan with Daily Bonus
  • Members field lock option
  • Manage and display video files
  • Manage contents drip feed from custom pages (based on member registration date) (Pro! version)
  • Manage E-Wallet and SMS notifications features
  • Limit broadcast emails for members
  • Add password and expiration in the custom pages
  • Set randomized level
  • Set referral commission and/or rewards for each level
  • Ability to imports subscribers
  • Setup Unlimited-Up system, pairing and matching commission
  • Set active rewards in daily, weekly and/or monthly basis
  • Options to setup Paypal, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, VoguePay, Paxum, and manual for payout or withdraw option
  • Enable or disable binary system
  • Switch between any available site theme ?
  • Manage member's site categories
  • Secure Admin back office using EzyGold eToken (Pro! version only)
  • Manage PopOver and Squeeze page
  • Filter any text in member site title or description
  • Setup doubles opt-in feature
  • and much more...

Click here for more features details and changes log.

Not all available features listed above and more features will be added gradually (try our online demo for details of most available features). If you need features which are not listed here and you think it is useful, please send your suggestions or feature requests for consideration.

I wrote to tell you that your software is a champion. My new company is now using it live with 1,500 active members, but I have absolutely no system or bug related complaints. Everything is just working smoothly and the networkers are very happy. Furthermore, everything I need as an Admin is covered by your great program. Keep up the great work guys!

Francis Chaves [Supreme Wealth Alliance]

Multi Languages Support

You can easily translate EzyGold to any language so that your members or clients can work with the EzyGold in their native language. In almost every new version of EzyGold new language strings are added, but don't worry about this, you can adjust or add new language variables directly in the language file.

Easily Create Your Own Theme

Our "simply smart" themes technology will allow you to easily create your own versions of the EzyGold interface or theme based on the default EzyGold theme files structure. Your own theme will only need to have several files that you want to change and your EzyGold site interface will be automatically changed. For example, you can customize your theme by editing default CSS file or main interface files. You can specify your own theme as the default theme.

The easiest way to create your own theme is by duplicate the default "EzyGold" theme and modified it.


EzyGold software has a few basic requirements in order to run. The following requirements must be meet with the hosting service used to run latest EzyGold version. Most of the professional web hosting company already support EzyGold software requirements. Please consult your web hosting company.

You can also download server requirements test files to check your server for compatibility with EzyGold.

  • Domain Name
    ... A name that identifies one or more IP addresses and used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. For example, in the URL http://www.ezygold.com/details, the domain name is ezygold.com
  • Web Hosting or Web Server
    ... Linux and Apache web server that is capable of running PHP and support for Cron Job (if you want every task run by cron, recommended). mod_rewrite is required for the Software to enabled Search Engine Friendly URLs feature (this will greatly improve search engine ranking of your site. The mod_rewrite module is installed by default by the majority of hosting providers).
    A web hosting with DirectAdmin or CPanel Control Panel is suggested. Some web hosting provider we know don't work well with our Software are Godaddy, Siteground, 1and1, Yahoo, Wix, Hostinger, iPage, and Netfirm. If you want to use their hosting service, please contact them directly to make sure their server meet the Software requirements.
  • PHP
    ... EzyGold works with PHP 7.2 or PHP 7.3 and should have cURL extension enabled, and disable open_basedir, which is usually the case on most of the PHP installations. PHP should have an enabled mHash and GD extension (this is required for thumbnails or image generation and automatic image resizing). This requirement is met by the majority of hosting providers. Click here to download the system requirements test file.
  • MySQL Database
    ... MySQL version 5.0 with strict mode off.
  • IonCube Loader
    ... A part of EzyGold files are optimized and encoded using IonCube. In order to run the software, you will need to have Ioncube Loader v10.1.0 or higher installed on your hosting or server (usually web hosting company will either have it installed or will install it for you for free without problems).
  • Browser
    ... To use the Administrator Control Panel (Admin CP) you should have a modern, common and well-known browser like Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9+, Chrome 1+, Safari 3.2+ and IE 8+, with Javascript and cookies enabled (standard and default browser settings).

The software installation, configuration, including file updates, are required at least basic knowledge of web hosting and basic webmaster skills. If you are planning to hire a technician to help you with the software: To get full advantage of the software, it is recommended that your technician has at least the following skills:

  • Ability to setup and manage web hosting accounts, FTP, email, cron task command, database or MySQL server, and manage file permissions.
  • Ability to install php scripts, and understand how to upload and install IonCube encoded files.
  • Excellent understanding of HTML and related web technologies including image editing.
  • Good communication skills, to be able to communicate with our support staff in a professional and friendly manner.

We also offer installation services in case you need assistance to do this installation task.

Features Comparison

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