EzyGold Affiliate Program

We are taking a gaint leap forward in the world of ecommerce and would like to take few EzyGold Affiliates with us. Under our Pay-Per-Sale Fee Structure, you can earn up to USD $100 of qualifying sales revenue.

Making money on the internet just getting easier!

With EzyGold Affiliate Program, you can start earning extra income or even make it your primary income source! People just like you are earning thousands of dollars a month from spending very little time a day on the internet, giving them more time on their family.

You don't need to be a programmer and you won't need to do any technical support or keep track of anyone you referred to us. All you will need to do is advertise for us. We'll even provide you with advertisement tools, back office for commission tracking, etc...

How it work's

As Affiliates, you just need to SELL! and if you receive comments or questions on the product or support, just refer those to us and we will give our fullest support to the customers.

You earn commission on the sales made using your unique EzyGold Affiliate URL. All EzyGold Affiliate are able to access various features in your affiliate back office:

  • Check Sales Commission
  • Access Promotional Tools
  • Sales Support from our team
  • More...

Thinks to consider, why join EzyGold.com Affiliate Program

  • It's totally FREE to join
  • Minimum commission payout
  • When sales made, you will earn commission
  • Payment to your bank account or through wire transfer, paypal, and other method
  • Full support for affiliates
  • As Affiliate you will earn any re-order commission from your referred customer
  • We accept affiliates from any countries!, wherever you are, you can join our affiliate program, for FREE
  • We provide marketing tools in member area
  • Find other benefits by joining EzyGold Affiliate Program NOW!

* We may hold the payment for up to 60 days according to the buyer payment method.


Commission plan structure by product sales
Products and Version Sales Commission
EzyGold Pro USD $100
EzyGold Basic USD $40

 * most of our EzyGold customers purchase the Pro version

The commission plans valid from the Owned License (one-time payment) purchase.


EzyGold Affiliates FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I get paid?

We are very flexible with payments. Affiliate partners from all around the world are welcome to join us. We can pay through various means like wire or bank transfers, Paypal, Perfectmoney, and Bitcoin.

We will send the payment directly to the affiliates after commission available for payout. If we can't process the payout (for example, affiliate do not provide payment option, or if the payment option incomplete or invalid), we will try it again up to 60 days. After this periods we will revoke the affiliate commission or replace it with the EzyGold licenses or Renewal service. It's required since we can't hold affiliate commission more than this periods.

Do I have to be a customer to become an affiliate?

No. Anyone can sign up and start earning money from EzyGold Affiliates program. Everyone is encouraged to sign up!

How do I market your products and how are the sales tracked?

You can market our products any way you like as long as you can send the visitors to our website. In addition we also provide the affiliates with banners. You are allowed to fully exploit your marketing potentials to direct visitors to our website.

Our software places a cookie on potential customer's computer through a special URL you will use to promote us. You can find this URL in your control panel. You will get a commission when that customer successfully purchase our products or services through our website. The cookie lasts for 365 days (1 year) on the potential customer's computer.

What are the most basic rules I must know?

  • NO SPAM: You cannot spam to promote our products or services. Your affiliate agreement would be cancelled with all money in the pipeline withdrawn from your account if you are using spam as method of advertising our products or services. We cannot tolerate it under any circumstances.
  • NO COOKIE STUFFING: Using cookie stuffing method to get credit from new sales is NOT allowed. Cookie stuffing is a method to insert or embed referral link without include the EzyGold products and/or services descriptions or details.
  • NO SELF REFERRING: You cannot sign up for the affiliate program and refer yourself or for a client (or your boss). This constitutes fraud and we will cancel your affiliate agreement as well possibly close your affiliate account. This program is designed to refer other potential customers to EzyGold.com. All affiliate sign ups are closely monitored and compared with the original customer accounts before being activated so any such attempts will be taken seriously and appropriate action will be taken.
  • CREDIT BASED REFERRAL URL: You will get credit from any sales from your referral link or url. If you refer new customer using your EzyGold referral link but they place an order through third party payment processor, then you will not earn credit from this sales.

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