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76. We have a plan to increase our products price! [UPDATE]

Interest with our EzyGold Products? wanna buy it?

If your answer for above question is YES, then we personally urge you to purchase our products right away since for few days forward we plan to increase our products price!.

Do not waste your time, buy now and save $$$!



New Pricing:

* EzyGold Pro! $499 $599

* EzyGold Biz! $279 $299

* ezyCart - EzyGold Plug-In $97 $149

* Installation and Configuration Service $149 $179



5 Jun 2008

77. Switching the Server [UPDATE]

We are about to begin to move server to our new stable server. We will be taking down our current servers soon and we will try to keep this move quick and painless as we possibly can, and we apologize for the inconvenience.



Server Switched, done.




10 Apr 2008

78. New Version of EzyGold Products [UPDATE]

New version of EzyGold products released.

  • EzyGold .:: The Network Marketing Suite v2.2
  • ezyCart .:: EzyGold eStore Plug-In v1.5 build 2.2
  • EzyAlert .:: EzyGold Notifier Administrator and Client version build 80325


Whats New for EzyGold v2.2:

  • Adding bulk deletion for transaction histories
  • Add new payment processors LibertyReserve with auto payment (auto withdraw or payout)
  • Add commission list for additional maintenance fee
  • Add weekly active rewards
  • Active rewards extended (multiple rewards in same time and additional active rewards without time limitation)
  • Adding member group (general group for each categories)
  • Add default referral link redirection or landing page (Pro! Version)
  • Add more secure Admin CP access (ip based locking) and Access PIN using eToken Application (Pro! Version)
  • Ability to sending email through SMTP and SendMail (send email in Text and Html format)
  • Ability to include maintenance fee in the (first payment of) new registration
  • Categorize for download file (ie. ebook, software, script, etc)
  • Bugs fixed
  • more...


Any customers running a version of EzyGold 2.1 or earlier are advised to upgrade to take advantage of the improved stability of the new version, which includes bug fixes.

By releasing this new version, we no longer provide support for version of EzyGold 2.0 or earlier.


Get extra EzyGold theme, pre-made blank header and tool (ie. eToken) for EzyGold Pro! license holder for FREE. Login to member back office to get / download this extras.


9 Apr 2008

79. Email Problem [RESOLVED]

Currently, we experience difficulty to access our email, we are now working for this to resolve the issue. If you sent an email to us and no response, please wait till this issue resolved.

If you want to contacting us or have any questions, please address it directly using our support form at

Please apologize for any inconvenient that may occur.


P.S. The new version of EzyGold almost ready, we will release it soon.


12 Mar 2008

80. Minor version release for EzyGold and ezyCart Plug-In

The new version of EzyGold and ezyCart Plug-In already released (build 80214). This release for update and known bugs fixed and also change the way how the software detect user IP Address.

As a bonus, this release also came with pre-made 5 headers logo (high resolution .jpg file) that compatible with default EzyGold template.

Header Logo Template Screenshot *headers logo screenshot


Upgrade to the new version (both EzyGold and/or ezyCart Plug-In) is highly recommended.


14 Feb 2008

81. New Version Release: EzyGold v2.1

We are pleased to announce the release of EzyGold v2.1 and ezyCart Plug-In v1.5

What's new in EzyGold version 2.1 ?

  • catch sponsor detail in subscribtion page (additional option: force to subscribe when no referrer)
  • include upline details in autoresponser message
  • add custom fields (registration, member area and member details in admin page)
  • downline builder option, add unlimited affiliates site [Pro! version]
  • ability to turn on/off matrix fill-in (get random sponsor to fill in empty spot of new member sponsor)
  • add options to select wysiwyg editor toolbar (advanced, default, basic)
  • ability to manually place new sign up under a downline of choice by upliner
  • now support flat value for x-up commission
  • ability to add custom fields tags on newsletter and autoresponder emails and also on pages on site
  • limit auto payment to reduce server load and remote access count to e-gold site
  • add matrix recycling options [Pro! version]
  • add option to add additional maintenance fee (additional administration fee, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc)
  • ability to change referrer cookie time / expired (in xxx days)
  • limit guest and member online hint (to reduce server load)
  • ability to modify transactions histories (add, delete, modify)
  • add option to allow visitor enter their sponsor username manually when register
  • ability to change the member's username from Admin CP
  • add manual database query
  • add company member genealogy (based on payplan settings)
  • member have ability to see upline details (enabled or disabled by admin)
  • ability to add new member and subscriber from Admin CP
  • ability to install and uninstall add-ons and add addons configurations file
  • export data feature for members, transaction, sales and subsciber [Pro! version]
  • add invitation or tell a friend with pre-formated header and footer text
  • new payment processors: AlertPay and MoneyBookers
  • new Add-Ons: user friendly tags, latest new members, latest news
  • bug fixed: number auto increase for next pages of news, faq and testimonial pages
  • other bugs fixed
  • more...

What's new in ezyCart Plug-In version 1.5 ?

  • ability to duplicate items (ezyCart plug-ins)
  • add option to update, delete and change purchased product on sales histories (ezyCart plug-ins)
  • make description on items detail work (ezyCart plug-ins)
  • and additional features improvement and some fixed (included one critical bug fixed)

If you are already purchase the EzyGold software license in the past 12 months, you can download this latest version for FREE directly from your member area.

Upgrade to the latest new version is highly recommended to avoid any security issue that may occurs.



22 Jan 2008

82. The New EzyGold v2.1 is Ready

EzyGold v2.1 is ready, if you want to try this new version, please contact us to get the download link. This offer is available for all customers who purchase the EzyGold v2.0 in the last 12 months.

This new version will available in the next 14 days (or less) in the download area of all customers who have a right to get free updates.

Zend Optimizer is not required anymore to get the script to run!.


30 Dec 2007

83. EzyAlert - EzyGold Notifier for FREE (value $97)

Get a FREE license of EzyAlert - EzyGold Notifier Client version (price: USD $97) for FREE by purchasing EzyGold Pro! version.

The license will be valid for UNLIMITED members with single EzyGold Pro! license (one domain name).

This is a limited time offer and valid for 15 days only, from 10 Dec 2007 till 25 Dec 2007.


10 Dec 2007

84. We Are Back and Ready on Support

We are back from 'long' vacation and our office have open and now ready to provide support for our products and services.

During on vacation, we get a lot of email and support ticket so we shall need time to answer all these existing emails and support ticket and we hope all of these inquiry will answered before 29 Oct 2007.


24 Oct 2007

85. On Vacation Support

We are now on vacation and our office closed for several days (its about 5 or 7 days), we will try the best and our tech support will available to response any emails or support tickets within 3 days or less.

Although our office on vacation, all transaction will be processed as usual.


11 Oct 2007

86. Refugee Special

Own a Competing Product? If so, you can get a 15% discount on the cost of EzyGold Biz! version! To claim a discount, you must provide proof of active ownership of another system to us.

Please contact us with a receipt or invoice with your name listed as the owner. You must 'own' the competing product, not lease, and it must be of value of no less than $150.00 for an owned copy.

Upon successful verification of ownership of a competing product, we will email you back with a coupon code to discount you 15% off either of our owned EzyGold Biz! version license types.

This offer is valid till Oct, 31 2007


1 Oct 2007

87. Previous Source Code for Sale

It's a great time to anyone who interest to own the full source code of EzyGold v1.1 (previous Pro! version)

*** SOLD OUT! ***

For very limited time only, we offer our EzyGold v1.1 FULL open source code to five four two new owner!, anyone who interest with this offer, please contact us for details and pricing, we accept e-gold as payment method and the source code is sell as is without any kind of support and future update.

The license for this source code is not transferable and the owner cannot resell or distribute the code in anyway.


29 Sep 2007

88. Live Demo for EzyGold v2.0

Our EzyGold v2.0 live demo is ready. You can try it and see how this script look and work. If you are not yet in our list (subscriber) then subscribe now to try this demo, if you already subscribe before, we will send details how to access the live demo right to your email box.

Since the demo is ready, as we announce before, we will increase our EzyGold price very soon.


19 Sep 2007

89. EzyGold v2.0 Released

New version v2.0 of EzyGold script available. Update recommended.

We release new version of EzyGold script with additional features and some bug fixed, some features include:

  • Support commission and rewards in % (percentage)
  • Create / manage customs page for members only (free and paid)
  • Add option to enable / disable visiting the site without referrer / sponsor
  • Ability to select available language on main page by visitor
  • Differentiate download files between free and paid members
  • Support API (addons or modul)
  • Member have ability to enable or disable opt-in from administrator email
  • Add genealogy tree status, max width and deep limit
  • Add member details in admin area (view, edit, genealogy, etc)
  • Change 1-Up to X-Up (unlimited Up) -> available for Pro! version only
  • Add sending in batch (per hours) for newsletter and autoresponder
  • Add direct referral commission list (instead of current commission list)
  • Add option to select tables to backup
  • Add option to select spillover system
  • Many features improvement and bug fixed
  • And more...

We also release new version of EzyAlert (both for Administrator and Client version) and ezyCart Plug-In (v1.2).

It's highly recommended to using latest version of EzyGold script and all plug-in or addons.

All previous purchaser can download this latest version for FREE directly from their member area.


=> Latest version is available now! Click here for details.



17 Sep 2007

90. The Right Time to Purchase

Interest with our products? wanna buy it?

If your answer for above question is YES, then we personally urge you to purchase our products right away since for few days forward we will announce our new version of EzyGold, ezyCart and EzyAlert, and at the time we have a plan to increase our products price!.

Do not waste your time, buy now, save $$$ and get FREE upgrade for the new version!


9 Sep 2007

91. E-Gold Discount Promo!!!

This Special Offer has ended. (2007-08-22)


Buy with E-Gold and get EzyGold script in discounted price!.

EzyGold Full version $249 $199 (save $50)

EzyGold Pro! version $447 $379 (save $68)


For limited time only, then act now!, order EzyGold right now! instant download, get full 12 month FREE available upgrade, and more...


15 Aug 2007

92. EzyGold 28% Discount with Coupon Code

Order today and save 28% for EzyGold and EzyAlert Products :: Coupon Code: NICEDAY22

We are happy to announce that we offer discounted price for EzyGold products. It's amazing opportunity for anyone who want to get EzyGold products for low pricing:

EzyGold Full version: $249 $179

EzyGold Pro! version: $447 $322

<< Click banner image to make an order.


When you place an order, use coupon code*: NICEDAY22 to get 28% discount (this offer valid for payment using Credit Card only).

*) coupon code valid from July 22 to 24, 2007 and limited for 22 order only!


21 Jul 2007

93. We increase the price

Today we announce that EzyGold Cut Price is over

After three days passed, this is the time to increase EzyGold price (as scheduled before).

We have increase the EzyGold price to $249 (from $199) and for Pro! version to $447 (from $349)

Act now, order your EzyGold software today before we rise the price (again).


4 Jul 2007

94. Join EzyGold FREE Affiliate or Partner Program and earn $$$

We welcome you to join our EzyGold Affiliate and Partner program for FREE and earn $$$.

No responsibilities as an Affiliate, but all of the rewards.

As an Affiliate, you drive the traffic, we pay you a generous revenue share for your customers' purchases. Simply by including EzyGold affiliate links and banners on your website, you can earn up to $100 commission (and more by our two tier affiliate program) every time a customer referred from your link makes a purchase. Click here for details.

EzyGold helps you rev up revenues and expand your business.

As a Partner, you can buy our products at a discounted price, you may add mark-up and resell it with your own price. Click here for details.


29 Jun 2007

95. EzyGold v1.1.0 Release

We release latest version of EzyGold, you can download this latest version in your member area.

What's new in v1.1.0?

+ add messenger system, members to members (upline to downline and vice versa)
+ option to enable or disable website status
+ add file image option on file manager
+ add some templates in member area
+ add auto sending notifier email when account become expired (interval set by admin)
+ now support for manually commission or reward withdraw
+ optimize and clean up the code
+ add additional processing fee for SafePay and update for ManualPay
+ add item id (estore plugin)
+ add sales history for affiliate (estore plugin)
+ add some features and minor bugs fixes
+ and more...

We also update EzyAlert both for Client and Administrator version and now you can buy our products by Credit Cards.

What's next?

- we will increase EzyGold price soon (scheduled on July, 1 2007)
- add additionals payment gateway (Authorize.Net and MoneyBooker)
- add custom landing page for member or affiliate
- sub-domain affiliate url id (for CPanel only)
- and many more...


27 Jun 2007

96. HOT!!! EzyGold Cut Price!

It's must a good news to everyone who want to get EzyGold software, we just cut our main product EzyGold price from regular price $299 to $199 (it's $100 off) and for Pro version from $499 to $349.

For limited time only, then act now!, order EzyGold today! instant download, full 12 month free available upgrade, and more...

Grab this opportunity before time runs out!

 !!! This offer will end on 2007-06-30 !!


16 Jun 2007

97. Move to new server

We about move to new server since our old server is not secure anymore, if there is any issue when accessing site, please try to visit since our domain site will be propagated with new server within 24 hours or less.

Update [2007-06-11] : We have successfully transfered our site to the new server. Now it is should no problem when accessing site.


9 Jun 2007

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