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::. New Version of EzyGold v2.2.80612 Available

New version of EzyGold v2.2.80612 ready to download!

Change Log for v2.2.80610-11:

  • separate autoresponders for active and inactive members
  • split the full name as first name and last name in the newsletter and autoresponder
  • support for SSL (https:// connection)
  • additional marketing tools - text ads
  • additional marketing tools - email ads, classified ads, textlink
  • matrix compression (partial and full compression options)
  • add phone number on subscriber or lead form
  • adding agreement to the terms and conditions (and force new registration to agree with it)
  • additional marketing tools - pop up (popover)
  • adding LinkPoint payment gateway
  • support for multiple custom payment processor form [Pro! version]
  • add transaction history details on each members details within Admin CP
  • ability to delete all emails queue on database
  • double opt-in for new registration and subscriber [Pro! version]
  • option to showing members leads on member area
  • auto database backup send as attachment email (every x days) [Pro! version]
  • multi admin access (with different previledge) [Pro! version]
  • add-on :: showing sponsor list for site referrer
  • add-on :: show random members (option with photo only)
  • add-on :: show random members site (option to showing the thumbnail)
  • add-on :: showing access through SSL or not
  • add-on :: cloud members sites tag
  • adding squeeze page feature
  • add date range / filter on transaction history
  • ability to limit members downlines
  • ability to add leads or subscribers in batch (using import feature)
  • ability to surpass any upline that has not upgraded (surpass the upline if an upgrade is done by a downline member before the sponsor)
  • 3rd party files updated (fckeditor, maxmind database and jquery)
  • fix: downline builder referrer link
  • fix: php.ini glitch on folders
  • commission based on PV and BV/GV [ezyCart Plug-In] (ezyCart v1.5.80610)
  • adding username checking for new sales [ezyCart Plug-In] (ezyCart v1.5.80610)


Mini Update for v2.2.80612:

  • add banned email address (permanent ban setting from file)
  • add expired for download files (based on download group)
  • support custom path for download files
  • change email templates to fully support html format
  • add additional info for items (and showing in the purchased items)
  • detect configuration file on plugins folder to avoid error
  • multiple download group for members


Important! Customers who already download v2.2.80612 must re-download it from member area, some files already updated.

This new version 2.2.80612 come with 2 additional EzyGold themes (Becmos and Blusky) and this free themes available for Pro! license holder only.


19 Jul 2008