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::. New EzyGold v2.4.0

EzyGold version 2.4.0 is available now and ready to download from the member area. This version come with many new and improved features (mostly for the EzyGold Pro version). The ezyCart plug-in also updated to support this version.

Here are some changes have been made:

  • New installation wizard
  • Support multiple languages for built-in pages
  • Verify the recipient before process ewallet fund transfer
  • Send copy email on contact form to Administrator
  • Support multiple email templates for each payplan
  • Support multiple languages on faqs page
  • Pdf docs (brandable)
  • Update Libertyreserve api to the latest version
  • Notify member when they complete the payplan (using email)
  • Add quick link to select payplan in the registration form
  • Support import giftpass codes manually
  • Export member structure for future import (data format)
  • Member to member direct payment when upgrade to the next payplan
  • Trigger email for members who do not qualified for the commission
  • Ability to setup or change default payplan
  • Add option to deduct member ewallet when they re-entry
  • Support multiple languages for custom pages
  • Adding latest 10 transactions in the Admin CP main page
  • Payout list and transaction history marked as paid by follow the payplan filter
  • Email template follow the default language used by member (override default language by site)
  • Add ip address field in the add member page (Admin CP)
  • Add tags for each custom fields for easy integration with custom theme
  • Setup ewallet as backup payment if recurring payment failed to bill
  • Multiple signup using single registration and payment [beta]
  • Ability to upgrade or renew other members using ewallet
  • Update main page to display all and personal referrals
  • Update referrals page to display personal referrals
  • ezyCart: add sorting options list in the estore
  • ezyCart: separate the image size setting for product image
  • and few more...

p.s. there are some tags added and/or updated in the theme files, additional themes for EzyGold v2.3 will not work properly for EzyGold v2.4

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22 May 2013