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::. New EzyGold Script v2.2.90809 Available

New version of EzyGold v2.2.90809 is available now. It's a full release since v2.2.80612 with some features improved and some new features added.

Here are somes changed on this version:

  • test sending email (in the general settings page)
  • oto page feature [Pro! version]
  • wap feature [Pro! version]
  • simple regular expression validation on user custom fields feature
  • alertpay auto payout
  • an option to select how the tracking work, keep old referrer or always use new referrer id
  • include user custom fields in the members details export feature
  • set minimum personal referral requirements before receiveing commissions and for certain level [Pro! version]
  • global search for members
  • additional field on subscriber form, using existing user custom fields
  • new member in bulk (with data e.g. name, username, email, address, referrer, sponsor, etc) [Pro! version]
  • remove script version in the footer
  • option to stop spillover when members matrixes complete
  • include the downline details (custom fields, address, city, state, country, etc) in the members back office.
  • include all members and sponsor tags inside the emails
  • extended link (in the Admin CP -> members detail) for expired member and generate member commission (if available) useful for offline payment
  • renew link (in the Admin CP -> members detail) for maintenance fee and generate member commission (if available) useful for offline payment
  • set minimum member to qualify for spillover [Pro! version]
  • show Administrator direct referral members in genealogy page (using dropdown with total members below them)
  • re-cycling only without re-entry
  • set certain member for x-up system (e.g. 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th, etc, not always from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc) [Pro! version]
  • new payment processors (authorizenet)
  • the search function in the FAQ page
  • direct member to member payment (alertpay, liberty reserve, offline payment)
  • payment confirmation form (to make it easy by members to approve their downline)
  • ability for members to control their downline like approve or pending [Pro! version]
  • members can sending autoresponse email to their downline and/or subscribers [Pro! version]
  • members can broadcast email to their downline and/or subscribers [Pro! version]
  • members can adding prospect or leads or subscribers in bulk
  • remove subscibers or leads in bulk by admin
  • option to allow free members refer or recruit new members
  • recurring payment options for alertpay
  • recycling to original sponsor or self recycling [Pro! version]
  • matching bonuses (when member get reward when complete their certain level, their original sponsor will also earn reward)
  • the Text Ads in the PremadeAds page inside the members back office
  • simple folder protection using .htacess file [Pro! version]


  • administrator transaction history
  • syntax highlighting feature
  • insert tags on wysiwyg editor
  • separate the additonal language file based on site theme
  • limit members deletion and compression to reduce server load on large members
  • expiration date by calendar date (ie n week, n month or n year)
  • matrix compression (now only two option, enable or not)
  • sales commission histories and sales status (in the member area)
  • copy-paste and convert text to html email templates format in the installation
  • popover now support for most browsers with html restriction or not
  • manage template pages
  • matrix restructure
  • money calculation for payment processor (fix the float number by remove comma [,] character)
  • registration fee field type: float to double
  • calculation member position and commission from free (trial) to paid upgrade process
  • minimum payout option for both manual and auto payout
  • add compatibility version on theme
  • optimize addon to load (differentiate between ezycart addon and not)


  • download system (also related with sales or estore plug-in)
  • database connection closed when backup database glitch
  • renewal process (renewal autosubscription by system, not manual)
  • x-up system when added manual from Admin CP
  • additional payment fee also calculated in the commissions
  • messenger list on member area, only related messages will appear on appropriate members
  • renewal subscription (alertpay) also working when registration/maintenance fees changed (increased)
  • subscription for renewal (alertpay)
  • color picker (compatibility mode ;)
  • compatibility issue with previous version (v2.2.8 and older) for level commissions calculation (level 2 onwards)
  • create empty administrator when no members input
  • show commission in percentage in the member area (affiliate page)
  • autoresponder, it's should counted from the date when member active or upgrade
  • tooltips on member details when account not active
  • when upgrade also update script installation version
  • affiliate link in member area
  • matrix compression + restructure (when delete member)
  • renew process (calculate the commission list)
  • delete download group feature


ezyCart plug-in v1.5.9

  • default commission list for items under category
  • differentiate items price between "inactive" and "active" members
  • account warning (account is active, blocked or what?) in the sales history
  • sales commissions now calculate from original customer sponsor, and not from the referral link
  • additional fee also calculated in the commissions
  • order multiple items, commission generated based on total order


This new version is recommended to anyone who want to get more advanced and stable features of EzyGold system.

If your download date not yet expired, you can download it from your member area, if not then you can extend your download date for small fee to get this new version.


18 Sep 2009