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::. EzyGold v2.3.460 and New Additional Themes

New update available for EzyGold and ezyCart system. It's the maintenace update v2.3.460 with some features optimization and improved; downline builder, direct member to member payment, ip to country database, subscriber process, ewallet purchase, no referrer notification, and few more.

This update also come with new additional themes that designed and tested in the modern browsers.

New EzyGold Additional Themes

The new themes available free for EzyGold Pro! license holder.

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9 Nov 2012

::. New Additional Themes

New additional themes available for download in the member area.

Below is the screenshot of the new themes.


EzyGold Additional Themes


This new additional themes available for EzyGold v2.2.90809 Pro! license holder.

++ Exclusive 3 additional themes also provided for private label license key owner.


15 Oct 2009