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::. EzyGold v4.3.0 Release

The new version of EzyGold software v4.3.0 is available now. This version comes with new features and options, as well as updates, are also available, including updates for the ezyCart plug-in.

Here are some changes in the software:

  • Fix incorrect characters in the landing page title dropdown
  • Maintenance update to display GiftPass for item purchase in the User CP (ezyCart plug-in)
  • Maintenance update to process cycling and re-entry directly regardless cron schedule
  • Maintenance update when system detect completed matrix
  • Maintenance update for the account upgrade and renewal
  • Maintenance update for the member search filter
  • Maintenance update in the bulk register process
  • Maintenance update for the Pay It Forward feature
  • Maintenance update in the user profile edit form
  • Add Push Message for Android Mobile App
  • Add dropdown menu for featured items (ezyCart plug-in, available in the certain theme)
  • Add manual option in the genealogy view to display user profile picture
  • Add item sold and view record (ezyCart plug-in)
  • Add multiple interval limit for the binary commission
  • Add option to save login session to the User CP
  • Add maximum allowed withdraw and transfer limit for ewallet
  • ...and few more.

*) some features and options are only available in the Pro version

If you have an EzyGold license, please log in to download.

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5 Feb 2019