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::. EzyGold v2.3 RC Update

The EzyGold v2.3.328 is available now and already updated. This version comes with many new features added and improvements on existing features. There is also some interface changes on this version.

Here are somes changed on this version:

  • Support multiple membership or payplan
  • Add sms feature, send bulk sms to members or subscribers, notify members when new commission or downline added
  • Add referrals contest or race
  • E-Wallet feature (members can transfer funds to each other using their own commissions)
  • Ability to pay subscription membership fee from members available commissions
  • Add language on-site translator add-on (using google translator)
  • Support for third party captcha (reCAPTCHA)
  • Support autorecurring payment for member to member direct payment
  • Support autorecurring payment for admin and one time payment for member to member direct payment
  • Add restriction to access cron task files directly, to reduce the DDOS risk
  • API for register, update, and process the members
  • API for sales (add and display) from third party system (related to the ezyCart plug-in)
  • Add folder protection feature using .htaccess file and using EzyGold login form
  • Giftpass for instant members approval (e.g. giftpass or pin system for offline registration)
  • Add error message when custom page not available (e.g. page unavailable or removed from the site)
  • Support for sub-domain referral id, example
  • Remove expired members automatically in certain days
  • Add feature to manage and display video files
  • Support trial account or membership (trial payment using alertpay)
  • Limit broadcast emails for members
  • Add password and expiration in the custom pages
  • Support multi languages in the email templates
  • Extended matrix
  • Add members field lock option
  • Add squeezer test page
  • Downline builder site for members
  • Members campaign tracking
  • Auto register on another payplan (child-parent program)
  • Contents drip feed from custom pages (based on member registration date)
  • Add suspend option for members
  • Members be able to use their commission to purchase products in the eStore (if the ezyCart plug-in installed)
  • Order or sort the items and categories on ezyCart product list
  • more...


Most new advanced features available in the EzyGold Pro! version.


7 Dec 2011