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::. EzyGold v2.3 Beta is Available Now

Long waited EzyGold v2.3 is available now and currently in beta stage. Some highlighted new features are:

  • E-Wallet feature (members can transfer funds to each other using their own commissions.
  • Ability to pay subscription membership fee from members available commissions.
  • Add language translator add-on (using google translator, on site translator).
  • Support for third party captcha (
  • Support autorecurring payment for member to member direct payment.
  • Support autorecurring payment for admin and one time payment for member to member direct payment.
  • Add restriction to access cron task files directly, to reduce the DDOS risk.
  • SMS sender
  • Multiple membership or payplan
  • and more.. please visit for more details.

All the Pro! v2.2.91730 license holders (with active download date) are welcome to join the v2.3 beta discussion here and try the beta version.

EzyGold v2.3 Special Offer

Purchase the EzyGold Pro! here and get one FREE license of EzyGold v2.3*. This offer cannot be combined with other promotion and valid until 31 May 2011.

*) Purchase the Pro! version before 31 May 2011 and you will get two licenses, one for the current Pro! version (v2.2.91730 - update 6) and the other is for the EzyGold Pro! v2.3 and you can use these licenses on two different domain name.




13 May 2011