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::. EzyGold v2.3 Beta Latest Update

The latest update for EzyGold v2.3 BETA is available now. Download this update from your member area (available for the selected EzyGold Pro! v2.2.91730 users only).

Some changes are:

  • Multiple membership system, now it's support separated payplan for each membership
  • Trial account or membership (support trial payment using alertpay)
  • API for the member details, registration, and update
  • Limit broadcast emails for members (if the feature enable)
  • Add password and expiration in the custom pages
  • Support multi languages in the email templates
  • and more...

Update: The ezyCart v2.3 beta plug-in is available now, and the EzyGold v2.3 beta version also updated. There are some existing features improved and few new features added (since last beta announcement), both in the ezyCart and EzyGold v2.3 beta.

Try it and give us your feedback


11 Nov 2011