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::. EzyGold Maintenance Update v5.2.3

The maintenance update for EzyGold version 5.2.3 is available now.

We add new options and features on this release,as well as, some bug fixeds:

  • Add option to hide payplan list in the User CP
  • Update to follow the site settings URL protocol for the landing page URL in the landing page
  • Maintenance blockchain qrcode and get live rate for P2P version
  • Maintenance update for the continue spillover option when binary plan enable
  • Maintenance update for unlimited genealogy tree view to support dynamic referrals
  • Maintenance update for the additional referral URLs in the User CP when SEF link option disable
  • Maintenance update for the campaign URL format details when SEF option disable
  • Maintenance update for member expiration notification
  • Maintenance update for the binary plan settings
  • Maintenance update for manual sponsor when the default referrer overrided
  • Remove the option for Paypal test mode
  • Remove Payza payment option
  • Fix video view counter
  • Fix ocasional error occurs when using invalid characters for member full name
  • Fix the system variables are not loaded when using ewallet payment
  • Fix SMTP password when using separated MTA settings for responder and broadcast
  • Update for generate license button layout in the my order page (eStore plug-in)
  • Maintenance update for item orders in the product list page (eStore plug-in)
  • and few more.

This new version available in your member area. If your Download Date has been expired, click the EXTEND button in the member area to renew it. You can also make a request to reset and change your license to a different domain name directly from the member area. This offer may be revoked anytime without any prior notice.

Thank you for your continued business,


30 Jul 2020