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1. EzyGold Update v4.2.3

New version 4.2.3 is available now. This version is a maintenance update for the previous 4.2.x version with some changes and fixes.

  • Hotfix for the spillover issue in the v4.2.2 [pre-update]
  • Add IP address column in the users export file
  • Add option to ignore sponsor username when importing new members
  • Update navigation page in the User CP
  • Maintenance update for the affiliate terms content (ezyCart plug-in)

here are some changes in the previous v4.2.2:

  • Add QR Code for the member referral URL
  • Add device info for login session (for the future usage in the mobile app)
  • Add MEMBER_USERNAME tag in the Tell a Friend feature
  • Add member opt-out using unsubscribe and update links in the newsletter
  • Add option to disable payplan downgrade
  • Add new account placement option in the re-entry feature
  • Add email notification from the AuthorizeNet ARB payment option
  • Add some new fields in the tables (for the future usage)
  • New table tag in the custom query process
  • Update general theme files
  • Maintenance update for the free referral link when cycle option enable
  • Maintenance update for the AuthorizeNet ARB option
  • Maintenance update for the Inactive Sponsor Warning when referral upgrade
  • Maintenance update for the ewallet usage when investment plan disable
  • Maintenance update for the spillover process when system detects over level deeps
  • Maintenance update for the referring process in the registration form
  • Known bugs issue fixed

and here are some changes in the v4.2.1:

  • Hotfix for the GeoIP autoload that do not work properly on some server
  • Make a default option to follow a new account in the re-entry process
  • Maintenance update for the template files and interface


Make sure your Download Date remain active to download the latest EzyGold version. If you can't download this latest version, click the EXTEND button in the member area to renew your Download Date.

Thank you for your continued business,


5 Oct 2018

2. EzyGold v4.2.0 Release

The new version of EzyGold software v4.2.0 is available now. This version introduces a new feature: Investment Plan, where the company can offer the daily bonus to their members. Other new features and options, as well as updates, are also available, including updates for the ezyCart plug-in.

Here are some changes in the software:

  • New Investment Plan feature with the daily bonus option
  • New registered date filter for member and subscriber on the newsletter
  • New ability to select payment options for each payplan
  • New recursive sponsor feature for payplan upgrade process
  • New ewallet as a direct payment option (P2P module)
  • New affiliate commission based on the member rank (ezyCart estore plug-in)
  • New payplan package from estore items (ezyCart estore plug-in)
  • New suggested items based on keywords and featured item (ezyCart estore plug-in)
  • Support multiple categories for an item (ezyCart estore plug-in)
  • Support Unicode characters for currency (ezyCart estore plug-in)
  • Maintenance update for payplan auto-register flow
  • Maintenance update for username availability checking
  • Maintenance update in the member edit form in the User CP
  • Maintenance update for built-in feedback and messenger features
  • Maintenance update for User CP template to support mobile view
  • Maintenance update for item photo (ezyCart estore plug-in)
  • Update interval to process ewallet transactions
  • Update for Coinpayments and Authorizenet payment options
  • Update latest version of GeoIp database
  • ...and few more.

*) some features and options are only available in the Pro version

If you have an EzyGold license, please log in to download.

We also have a special update offer for selected lucky customers in the member area.


Thank You,


9 Sep 2018

3. EzyGold v4.1.0 Release

The new version of EzyGold software v4.1.0 is available now. This version come with some new features and options, including updates for ezyCart plug-in and the template files and themes.

Here are some changes and updates on the software:

  • Update on template files
  • Update squeeze page template
  • Update featured header for referrer details
  • Update base referral url on the campaign page
  • Add more languages through addon
  • Add an example for external capture page
  • Add Aweber and Mailchimp integrations
  • Add option for social media icons
  • Add GoUrl and VoguePay as a payment options
  • Add additional option for the manual sponsor feature
  • Add email notification options for message between member and feedback features
  • Add Infobip SMS gateway
  • Add legacy "besaget" theme
  • Add new "birune" theme
  • Use theme tag on the template files
  • Display total referral on left and right when binary option enable
  • Change monetary data type on ezyCart plug-in
  • Support more currency symbols
  • Support item options on ezyCart plug-in
  • Fix issue for subscriber field error when adding subscriber manually
  • Fix issue on the binary interval option
  • Some maintenance updates and optimization on other features

Click here and place an order to get your license. If you want to start your online business with a minimum budget, you can choose Lease license, otherwise please consider the Owned license. This new version is available to download from the member area.

The Peer to Peer (P2P) module also updated to support this new version. For a limited time, this module is also provided for free for users who also order Professional Configuration or Installation PLUS! service.


28 Mar 2018

4. EzyGold v4.0.2 Update

New version of EzyGold software v4.0.2 is available now.

Some changes and updates are:

  • Add ranking commission from the personal referrals
  • Copy system emails message to the Administrator and override individual copy options
  • Save from email on the newsletter for future usage
  • Hide custom and landing pages options when member status Inactive
  • Add split commission option to the sponsor or referrer in the pass-up option
  • Add EzyGold newsfeed on the Admin CP
  • Update Paypal payment on the estore when using GiftPass
  • Update table export that may result unknown field issue
  • Some maintenance updates and optimization on other features

This new version is available to download on the member area.

Thank You,


18 Jan 2018

5. EzyGold v4.0.0 Release

We are pleased to announce the launch of new EzyGold v4

MLM Software front page User control panel Admin Dashboard

After several months of hard work and dedication, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new EzyGold software. You will find new interface, features, and optimization that we hope will make your site and program more exciting and interesting.

Get and download it from your member area now!


12 Dec 2017

6. EzyGold v3.4.0 Available

New version of EzyGold software v3.4.0 is available now.

Some changes and updates are:

  • Matching bonus option from commission list
  • New credit card payment option - Stripe
  • New and updated translator widget addon
  • New options to change the minimum id for member, subscriber, transaction history, and downline builder
  • Maintenance update for direct peer to peer payment options
  • Update coinpayments as payment option
  • Update landing page feature for url with redir format
  • Some maintenance updates and optimization on other features

Download this new version from member area.


4 Apr 2017

7. EzyGold v3.3.2 Available

New version of EzyGold software v3.3.2 is available now.

Some changes and updates are:

  • Maintenance update for manual payment option
  • Maintenance update for direct member to member payment option
  • Maintenance update and optimization for spillover algoritm
  • Update GiftPass input form in the checkout page
  • Update template files editor to support non latin charaters
  • Update payee list in the direct member to member payment option when using custom fields
  • Update sender from the system when using template emails

You can download this version from member area.


2 Feb 2017

8. EzyGold v3.3.0 Release

New version of EzyGold software v3.3.0 and ezyCart plug-in v3.3.0 are available now!

Some changes and updates are:

  • Add binary pairing interval
  • Add feature to upload header or logo image from Admin CP
  • Add option to use gravatar for user to replace no picture profile
  • Add active reward interval based on new personal referrals
  • Maintenance update for limit personal referrals
  • Maintenance update for giftpass to support item purchase
  • Fix duplicate bitcoin address from blockchain API
  • Fix video list error when list empty
  • Some other minor updates...

You can download the latest version from member area.


7 Nov 2016

9. EzyGold v3.2.0 Update

New version of EzyGold software v3.2.0 is available now!

Some changes and updates are:

  • add coinpayments for bitcoin (BTC) payment option
  • add option to disable member rank commission calculation
  • add option to disable session check when view video for member only
  • add additional MTA options for autoresponder and broadcast email
  • add session to display user tags on external php files
  • add more chars for additional administrator username and password
  • update giftpass code check process by ignore encoded sign chars
  • update genealogy view for boardplan and change the file names reflect to this update
  • update noreferrer page
  • fix download error when ezyCart plug-in is not installed
  • and few more...


16 Aug 2016