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    EzyGold v2.6.4 Available
    ...for EzyGold system available now. This update improve some existing features and fix...»

    EzyGold v2.5.4 Update
    ...system available. This update improve and optimize some features, including update the...»

    2015 is Coming
    ...year filled with joy, prosperity, and contentment. At EzyGold, we work hard everyday to innovate our...»

    EzyGold v2.5.3 Update can download it from member area. This version is a maintenance update for EzyGold...»

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AlertPay, LibertyReserve, Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover and PayPal

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...create any membership based business with special features likes Spillover, Autoresponder and Follow up, Built-in EWallet, Follow Me Matrix, Referrer Contest, OTO Page, GiftPass Code, Reverse X-Up, Cycling and Re-entry, Drip Feed Contents and Files, PopOver, SMS Notifications, Squeeze Page, Tell A Friend, Folder and File Protection, etc. EzyGold is suitable for any membership based business that accept SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payza, EgoPay, AlliedWallet, OKPay, Paxum, Bitcoin, AuthorizeNet, E-Gold, MoneyBookers, LibertyReserve, LinkPoint, SafePay, and manual or offline payment. EzyGold also support for custom payments options...

By Using EzyGold Software*, NOW It's Very Easy
To Create Your Very Own Internet Cash Cow,
Complete Membership Money Making System,
or Profitable Network Marketing Program...

*) EzyGold is a web script powered by PHP & MySQL
and support for X-Up System (any level pass-up),
Force Matrix (any level width and deep), Unilevel,
Mini Site Referral System, Powerline, Randomizer,
Downline Builder, Member Get Member, and more...

EZYGOLD.COM pride ourselves with offerings of innovative software and solutions for both corporate businesses and web entrepreneurs. We have time tested, proven software systems and a highly experienced team to assist in your success.

NOW you can run your very own profitable network marketing, referral program, member get member, paid top sites, multi classified site or other multi level marketing or direct sales system easily, so if you are thinking of starting a profitable business today then act now.

EzyGold Products List

EzyGold Main Products

Latest Version: v2.6

EzyGold Biz! [details] (screenshots)
EzyGold software is the most powerful yet cost effective solution for membership based business, like network marketing or referrals program. It provides you an auto replicate system in managing your members in an easy fashion.

EzyGold Pro! [details] (screenshots)
EzyGold Pro! is same as Biz! version with additional allow you to build multiple membership or payplan, X-Up (unlimited pass up) with two type of pass up, adding matrix recycling and reentry, create unlimited autoresponder messages, adding unlimited downline builder program or site, create unlimited administrator and custom payment options, auto database backup, double opt-in for registration, OTO pages, create referrer contest, drip feed content and file, and more...

EzyAlert - EzyGold Notifier [details] (screenshots)
A Windows application that alerts administrator (site owner) and members or affiliates when there are any new members, downlines or sub-affiliates, latest site news and latest transactions added.

Hi EZYGold Team,

I wrote to tell you that your software is a champion.

My new company is now using it live with 1,500 active members, but I have absolutely no system or bug related complaints. Everything is just working smoothly and the networkers are very happy.

Furthermore, everything I need as an Admin is covered by your great program.

Keep up the great work guys!

Best Regards,

Francis Chaves
Supreme Wealth Alliance

EzyGold Network Marketing Suite will help transform your business with increase profitability. EzyGold delivers a bundle of revolutionary and innovative solutions from network marketing / MLM compensation, affiliate software, web site replication system, membership and commission management, and much more on a single totally integrated application...

  • Wanna run a 1-Up plus 2 Tiers program?
  • Want to build a Unilevel or a Powerline payment plan?
  • How about a 3 Tiers plus a Randomizer or only 5-Up program?
  • Or a 2 Tiers plus a 1-Up and 3 x 6 matrix system, or Matrix with follow sponsor?
  • Run Unilevel with two tiers level deep, or 'just' a 22 tiers level deep?
  • How about Force Matrix 2 x 3 system with Downline Builder feature?
  • How about reverse 2-Up program, or a Force Matrix with compression program?
    ... or any other combination you can think of!

What wild cash raking in program will you come up with? Put your mind to work. See the Network Marketing company we're just starting NOW using this very script! EzyGold is packed with features you won't find on any other comparably-priced competitor software.

* How can I use EzyGold? * EzyGold Add-Ons and Plug-Ins Site

1. Network Marketing / MLM / Force Matrix
2. Randomizer Program
3. Secure Membership Management
4. Sales Force Automation / OTO page
5. Recruiting / Affiliate / Referral System
6. Single / Multi-Tier Affiliate Program
7. Downline Builder System
8. Website Replication System
9. Lead Generation
and more..

1. Advance Membership Site
2. Downline Builder
3. Recruiting System
4. Lead Generation
5. Cloud Sites Tag Membership
6. Folder and Files protection
7. ezyCart eProduct Store*

*) Available with additional fee

I love EZYGold's products and services! Thank you Ezygold for your understanding, commitment, and dedication to our project. Your Ezygold script has consistently provided a dependable and innovative platform for our business. Your support system is well organized and your staff has worked with us providing excellent service from start to finish.

I recommend Ezygold to any person or company looking for reliable Network Marketing/Membership software with cutting edge features, a brilliant support system, and friendly staff to handle their service requests.

Ernest Jones
CEO DTF Community

The scripts provides automation and flexibility, featuring customizable template driven webpages, full payment and transaction integration, auto generate members referral page, transaction histories and more. Full admin area (Admin CP) for complete control over your program and members.


EzyGold has succeeded in delivering the network marketing suite of products to our clients around the world in a complete and on time, while establishing superior quality and cost-effectiveness in an increasingly competitive environment to help our clients achieve success in the the current online global network marketing business sphere. This is why our clients adore the performance of EzyGold products.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the staff at ezygold. Before purchasing the ezygold product I tried a couple of other similar companies only to lose my money. Those other companies were quick to answer my presales questions but then abandoned me after the purchase with a product that didn't work. The staff at ezygold took the time and patience to answer all of my presales questions as well as helped me with all other issues that have come along regardless of how long it's been since I purchased their product.

I personally know that I am not the easiest of customers but regardless they were there each and everytime to help me. They've given me extra care and attention along with some unexpected bonuses, showing me they truly care about their customers and take pride in their product.

Their product is amongst the best I've seen and could easily compare to those whose charge ten times or more for similar software. Not to mention its diversity. It can do just about anything you want it to do. These guys really did think of everything when putting this great piece of software together.

I have already recommended ezygold to a couple of friends with similar business ventures in mind and will continue to do so. Whether or not my own business will be a success I don't know but at least my experience with ezygold has been.

Julio C Roque
Software Resale Biz


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